Online shopping is true to have taken the whole shopping world by a clean sweep and the numbers and percentages of the market share that online shopping has procured out of the entire economy is solid proof of its thriving success.


It is this thriving success that led us to be part of this revolutionary market. Being an offline chain of retail stores, we sensed this trend right during the advent of Internet and online fund transfers and came into the online shopping market with a bang. Our goodwill and the trust factor that we have already acquired with our offline customers proved to be a boosting factor that led to our fast success in the online arena too.


We were well equipped with the market knowledge as well as the customers desire and this helped us to come out with new range of quality products at affordable rates. Also the knowledge about the customer behavior and expectation led us to design some amazing offers and the best deals to our customers.


With the online shopping trend soaring high, the need for a reliable and speedy delivery service also came in to the scenario and we used this to differentiate us from other market players. We opened up a dedicated division exclusively for taking care of timely and efficient delivery of the products.


We also entered into deals with some of the top most delivery services for people across the country. This led to timely delivery of goods to our valued customers and this in turn increased the level of confidence that our customers have on us. We totally eradicated the delivery charges that were levied on the customers when they shop above the value of Rs.5000. This turned out to be a most welcoming move by our customers.